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Real Time Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated at: May 18, 2024 11:30
Code Currency name Country Buying rate Selling rate #
AUD Australian Dollar Australia $0.643235
GBP British Pound United Kingdom $1.232758
CAD Canadian Dollar Canada $0.700287
CNY Chinese Yuan China $0.131475
EUR European Euro EU $1.066711
IQD Iraqi Dinar Iraq $0.000651
IQD 1,536.098310
IQD 846.740051
JPY Japanese Yen Japan $0.006236
MXN Mexican Peso Mexico $0.057751
SGD Singapore Dollar Singapore $0.700818
SGD 1.426904
SGD 1.278831
CHF Swiss Franc Switzerland $1.084125
CHF 0.922403
CHF 0.878553
USD US Dollar United States $1.000000
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While we offer the best rates on the market, we will price match in case a competitor is providing cheaper ones. All you have to do is notify us! Once we verify that they have the currency in stock and check for additional fees, we will give you the best deal on the market.

While US Currency strives hard to cater to its walk-in clients, you are advised to call your nearest branch beforehand. Verily, our representative will guide you accordingly, so you know what documentation you need to bring on your visit.

Yes. US currency no longer exchanges outdated versions of notes, bills. US currency no longer exchanges outdated versions of notes, bills.

US Currency currently does not accept coins.

The buy rate is when US currency buys the customers foreign currency. On the other hand, the sell rate is when US currency sells the customer foreign currency.

Visit our currency exchange page, use the currency exchange calculator and add to your cart or click on the calculator next to your desired currency.

After you submit your order, you will receive a call confirming your preferred location and time of availability. If the desired currency is not picked up on the same day as the order, your exchange rate can be subject to change.

Us Currency does not accept outdated bills anymore, due to that we would have to look at all banknotes or bills before processing the transaction.